Legislation Kitchen.

In February 2023 Artist’s in Iceland Visa Action Group (AIVAG) hosted an exhibition and a series of events at Gallery Port under the title Legislation Kitchen.
AIVAG’s main aim of these events was to form a proposal of changes in legislation to immigrant labor laws, focusing on artists living in Iceland coming from countries outside the Schengen area.

Believing the precarious labour conditions of immigrant artists are a reflection of wider problems concerning rights and conditions of all cultural workers in Iceland, thus this should be one of our central subjects when it comes to discussing the needs of our community.

These legal and systemic restrictions have played a role in creating a lack of inclusivity and diversity in the Icelandic cultural scene.

AIVAG’s active members during Legislation Kitchen were Adam Flint, Bilge Hasdemir, Bryndís Björnsdóttir, Hugo Llanes, Megan Auður, Vala Sigþrúður Jónsdóttir & Wiola Ujazdowska.

Our schedule was as follows:

17th of February.
Opening at Gallery Port.
18th February.
Workshop with R.E.C Arts Reykjavík on community building - Allyship vs Accompliceship: How to combat the issue of exclusivity in Icelandic academic & artistic spaces.
23rd of February.
AIVAG open meeting, close reading of the 2023 - 2030 cultural policy of Iceland. Led by Megan Auður.
24th of February.
Talk with Nicol Savinetti founder of IMMART.
25th of February.
Workshop on drafting a proposal of an artist visa, with an introduction by Claudia Ashanie Wilson.