General Sharing.

Throughout twenty five years of being a student, I often heard about the importance of schools giving form to people. What is my shape after ‘formal’ education? I wonder now as I graduate. If  an art institution is a container for affinities, perspectives and life experiences, after all, as holders of bachelors and masters in fine arts in this part of the world, has our profesionalización shaped us alike? If so, what if we try to be less specific, less defined, more general?

Triggered/supported by professors and carried by students, General Sharing emerges within Kuno, a network of art professionals and students working across 18 art academies in the Nordic and Baltic region. General Sharing is 15 people in dialogue across different cities. General Sharing is also 12 months of individual-together work, innumerous zoom meetings, several whatsapp groups, hundreds of shared files, a mail and instagram account. In General Sharing we meet, find connections, disagree, create tools and structures, demolish them and build new ones.

This collective effort will be presented as an exhibition in three locations: “27m above the Sea” is the subtitle for one part of the show happening in Tallinn, Estonia, and corresponds to the elevation of Vent Space - the venue, in relation with the sea. Simultaneously, “19m above the Sea” follows the same notion but applied to Köysiratagalleria, one of our two venues in Turku, Finland.  The sea connects us.

Coming together, and engaging with each other's practices, General Sharing wishes to be a meeting point to create ideas, find points of support, amplify our communalities,  and make space for our differences.


General sharing (Group) Is a student-run initiative working within the Nordic/Baltic region. The group [currently Megan Auður (IS), Patricia Carolina (NO), Peik Elias (NO), Sabīne Šnē (LV), Cheonghye Sophia (NO)] came together in 2021, through “Your General Sharing of Art: By(e) Biennale” a Kuno Express course led by Kirke Kangro and Bjarki Bragason.

We acknowledge and feel grateful for the ideas and participation of Amalia Raye Wiatr Lewis, Aleksander Zahharov, Ida Enegren, Nora Lehtovuori, Ugnė Brazytė, Xiao Zhiyu, Valentin Malmgren and Vincent Duraud, in the different stages of the initiative.

Special Thanks: KUNO Network, Bjarki Bragason, Kirke Kangro, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Taina Erävaara, Lina Koseleva, Elisa Sakko, Kati Saarits, Nabeel Imitiaz.

Artists: Alva Törnqvist, Cheonghye Sophia, Chih-Tung Lin, Clea Filippa Ingwersen, Ellinor Hagman, Ida Hundertmark, Katariin Mudist, Megan Auður, Patricia Carolina, Peik Elias, Sabīne Šnē, Sofia Haapamäki, Boda Zsófia


General sharing is a meeting point for the practices of artists from 18 art academies within the Nordic and Baltic region. Through collaboration, process sharing and knowledge exchange over a six months period we experimented with ways of working together over seas and shores. Culminating in two exhibitions, in Turku and in Tallinn, that gather different working methods and diverse approaches to art celebrating process, peer to peer conversing and collaboration.

27m above the sea. Vent space. Tallinn.
Works by: Sofia Haapamäki, Ida Hundertmark, Ellinor Hagman, Alva Törnqvist, Katariin Mudist, Chih-Tung Lin, Megan Auður, Patricia Carolina, Sabine Sne & Cheonghye Sophia.

19m above the sea.  Kösirata Galleri. Turku.
Works by: Sofia Haapamäki, Ida Hundertmark, Clea Filippa Ingwersen, Zsófi Boda, Ellinor Hagman, Alva Törnqvist, Katariin Mudist, Chih-Tung Lin, Megan Auður, Patricia Carolina, Peik Elias, Sabine Sne & Cheonghye Sophia.

19m above the sea. Taiteen Talo. Turku.
Works by: Clea Filippa Ingwersen, Ellinor Hagman, Katariin Mudist, Chih-Tung Lin, Megan Auður & Peik Elias.