Tools for the Times Library Installation.

Our first installation of our library at HKU Pastoe!
Located on the second floor at the entrance of room 1.10. Built by our collaborators @tessatamara @cherubimian & @sssssiem .
The books have been donated by different people who believe more people should read them and have access to them.
Our system is trust based.

Library books include:

Alledaags racisme.
The autobiography of Malcolm X.
Niet door het water maar door vuur.
Als Beale Street kon praten.
Kom roep het van de bergen.
Dark days.
The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.
Sister outsider.
Social practice, Social design.
Courageous citizens.
Media, gender and identity.
Art & Queer culture.
The world social forum.
When species meet.