Cracks, Patches. Listaháskóli Íslands.

Maybe the question now isn’t how to repair the damage, but rather how to care for it’s cracks that remain?

Ceramic pieces used to fill in and repair cracks and holes in the floor of the building of an art academy.

“Bearing in mind, we could deploy the idea of repair as being more than a transatory fix. For it also acknkowledges the impossibility of ever returning to a previous state, ... . The world remains broken. It’s reassembled fragments lead to something more complex than the lost ‘original’. ... . There is no cure. Instead, we acknowledge a wound, and a cut is conceded. It leads to the critical responsibility of caring for the damage.” 
        - The Colonial Clock And Critical Repair...
by Ian Chambers; quoting Maria Thereza Alves’s Thieves and Murderers in Naples: A Brief History on Families, Colonization, Immense Welth, Land Theft, Art and the Valle de Xico Community Museum in Mexico.

Inspiration and References:
Syncope: The Philosophy of Raptureby Catherine Clément
*Foundationclass* collective
Gudskul by ruangruppa
Tools for the Times