Tools for the Times

Tools for the Times is a student-teacher led initiative supported by the HKU BA Fine Art, BA Fine Art and Desi gn in Education, MA Fine Art, and alumni.
We work on tools and strategies, encouraging engagement on how we – as participants within the HKU - can practice inclusivity. How can we make the academy more sensitive towards diverse voices, minds and bodies in contexts of education and administration?
We support existing initiatives at the art academy. We reach out to external advisers and aim to think and work through our own educational-institutional structures. This helps us to find more inclusive ways of relating to each other.
Tools for the Times comes from a history of various experiences of discrimination and casual racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, etc and some violently xenophobic actions that took place within the walls of the institution in the school year of 2018-2019. These actions were in response to a discussion group around the topic of Zwarte Piet.



Platform BK Solidarity Camp. Practicing Solodarity @ Casco Art Institute.

Open session #7. ‘‘Traces of Slavery” with  Nancy Jouwe.

Soup & Poetry.

Open session #6.  Practicing Code of Conduct pt.2.

Open session #5.  Expanded reading session.

Open Session #4. Practicing Code of Conduct.

Reading Group #4. Sun Ra & Cauleen Smith.

Radioshow #2.

Hushed Tones. Podcast. With Not a playground.

Open Session #3. (A)wake.

Open Session #2. Educate the Educators.

Reading Group #2. James Baldwin & Raoul Peck.  I Am Not Your Negro.

Radioshow #1.

Reading Group #1. Philomena Essed. Alledags Racisme.